Folklore | Turkish Art & Architecture
F540 | 24802 | Glassie

Turkish Art and Architecture at once
introduces Turkish culture through art and exemplifies the methods of
material culture analysis. In lectures accompanied by slides, the
landscape and buildings, the weaving and pottery of Turkey will
provide an understanding of Islamic art, of the convergence of
creativity and spirituality, while describing historical and
contemporary varieties of creative action. The emphasis will be on
the artists themselves, the women and men of Turkey; the matter of
how material culture is to be studied will be regularly addressed.
For folklorists, the course will fill both area and theory
requirements. For art historians, the course can amount to an entry
to Islam. For anthropologists, the course can be taken as an
introduction to Turkey. For students of Near Eastern Languages and
Cultures, the course will relate Middle Eastern culture, religion,
and art. All graduate students and advanced undergraduates are
welcome. There will be a single paper, not necessarily related to
Turkey, but focusing upon the deep topic of the course, the relation
of art, religion, and human needs.