Folklore | Mariachi Performance & Culture
F638 | 24804 | Jaquez

This unique course combines a musical ensemble with elements of music
history and the study of culture through an anthropological
approach.  Students become familiar with the Mexican mariachi music
tradition through practical participation, lecture, readings and a
variety of multi-media materials. Questions of cultural
representation and ethnicity help us explore the importance of the
tradition’s history and its role in contemporary Mexican descent
communities. No prior experience or Spanish language competency
required. The course best suits motivated individuals eager for a
different kind of educational experience.
Practical participation varies according to the individual. A student
may participate as a singer, musician or administrative assistant.
Although trumpet, violin and guitar players are especially welcome, a
number of other instruments are possible. In addition, the Mexican
regional instruments such as the vihuela and guitarrón are available
for individual study. Administrative positions include: community
liaison; music librarian; music composer and arranger; and creator of
new technology projects. Other positions may be possible in
consultation with the professor. The course concludes with an End of
Term Concert, a public presentation and celebration of the work
accomplished during the semester.