French and Italian | Advanced Grammar and Composition I
F313 | 5560 | Kim Swanson

F313 is the first half of the Advanced Grammar and Composition
sequence. This course offers both a thorough exploration of French
grammar and the chance to further develop your vocabulary and
writing skills in French. The grammar component will review some
basic points, but will focus on the more advanced aspects of French
grammar. The writing component will allow you to practice the
various grammatical concepts being covered and build your
vocabulary, as you expand your ability in written expression in
different genres. Course requirements include readings and exercises
in the textbook Grammaire Française, weekly journal writing
with stronger focus on conveying meaning, four formal compositions
(from the textbook A Vous d’Écrire) with stronger focus on
grammatical accuracy, as well as 3 in-class exams and a final exam.
The course will be conducted in French. Prerequisite is FRIT F250,
F255, F265, or F269.