French and Italian | Italian Reading and Expression
M301 | 25741 | Tamara Pollack

This class is an introduction to reading, discussing, and writing
about literary texts in Italian. We will read a sampling of major
texts drawn from Italy’s rich literary tradition, analyze them in
depth, and explore their intellectual and cultural context.

The course has two main goals. First, to introduce you to how to
read, analyze, and above all appreciate literary texts in Italian;
and second, to build your oral and written proficiency in Italian.
The course is conducted entirely in Italian, and is designed to
prepare you for subsequent 300-level work in Italian literature and

This is an active learning class, which means that our time in class
will center on discussions, brief oral presentations, debates,
skits, and various activities designed to build vocabulary and
communication strategies. Your lively participation in class
discussions is of the essence. Written assignments will lead you
step by step from mini compositions (1/2 page) to a short essay (3-4
pages), and will also include practice in creative writing in
different genres. Prerequisite is M250 or consent of instructor.