Germanic Languages | Deutsche Kulturgeschichte
G363 | 5807 | Robinson

G363—Deutsche Kulturgeschichte—Spring 2005
Prof. Robinson

Required Texts:
1.  Philosophische Meisterstücke, Ekkehard Martens, Eckhard
Nordhofen, Joachim Siebert

Course Description:
German cultural history—in the singular? While there are many
cultural histories of Germany, one of the most forceful claims of
German thinkers is that thought tends to be universal and that our
values tend to come together. But maybe our thoughts are just
getting mixed up? In G363 we will get our feet wet with some of the
key texts of the German philosophical tradition, reading works by
Kant, Hegel, Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. We learn the key
terms philosophers have used to debate about culture, history,
identity and difference, touching upon individual ethics, social
responsibility, guilt, work, pleasure and the law. As we develop our
abilities to debate these themes, we also fit them into some
concrete contexts of German history, ranging from Roman wars through
the Reformation and Enlightenment to the eras of fascism and cold
war. The course aims to help you expand your German language skills
and develop your confidence in expressing abstract ideas about very
concrete things. Remember: “Du kannst, denn du sollst!”  Or was
it: “Moral ist eine Wichtigtuerei des Menschen vor der Natur”?