Germanic Languages | German Film & Popular Culture
G418 | 5813-5814 | Breger, Breithaupt

G 418: German Film and Popular Culture

Breger, Breithaupt

The course focuses on contemporary Germany. We will discuss various
aspects of post-unification film and popular culture, including the
so-called "Generation Golf" (apparently disinterested in everything
but drugs and other consumer goods), East-West conflicts
and "Ostalgie" (= nostalgia for East Germany), as well as different
minority cultures (Turkish-German, queer etc.). One of the central
questions of the course
will be how "German" identities are articulated today - in the midst
of a process of globalization which is haunted by conflicting
memories of German history.

We will watch a variety of films and thus have a regular
filmshowing. In addition to the films, we will discuss some ("pop")
literature, music, and aspects of material culture. Assignments for
this class include a class presentation, two academic papers and one
creative group project, probably the shooting of a film.

Required reading materials:

Jana Hensel: Zonenkinder. Rowohlt 2002 (ISBN 3499235323).

Florian Illies: Generation Golf. Fischer 2001 (ISBN 3596150655).

A course reader, available through the campus bookstore