Germanic Languages | Intro - Structure of Modern German
G451 | 23639 | Sprouse

G451: Introduction to the Structure of Modern German
Spring 2005
3 cr.

Materials:	instructor-generated handouts

Prerequisites:	G330 with a grade of C- or better.

This course counts toward COAS Distribution Requirement in Natural
and Mathematical Sciences.

Syntax is the branch of linguistics devoted to the study of the
structure of phrases and sentences. This course is designed to
introduce students to the study of German syntax, with emphasis on
description and analysis. We will be interested both in developing a
basic understanding of the syntactic structure of German from a
linguistic perspective and in considering some of the aspects of
German syntax that pose special problems for advanced (English-
speaking) learners of German. No previous background in linguistics
is assumed.

The language of instruction will be German.

There will be no textbook. The course is based on the “discovery
approach.” We will work together in class and at home in brief
written assignments, seeking to discover and describe regularities
of German syntax.

Grades will be based on class participation (20%); 15 brief written
assignments (60%); final exam (20%).

G451 (Introduction to the Structure of Modern German), Spring 2005

Textbook order

no textbooks required