Germanic Languages | Seminar in German Linguistics
G835 | 23786 | Hall

MW 4:00-5:15
Topic: The Syllable in Germanic

This course will examine recent scholarship on selected topics
pertaining to the role of the syllable in phonological theory. The
goal is to to critically examine a number of unresolved problems in
order to prepare students to write an original research paper. The
topics to be investigated will include (but will not be limited to):

a. syllabification and sonority
b. arguments for and against extrasyllabicity and semisyllables
c. arguments for and against ambisyllabicity d. alternations between
glides and high vowels e. interaction between syllabification and
morphological structure

In this course rule-based approaches which rely on the cycle and/or
morphological levels will be compared with more current models, in
which the same kinds of generalizations are captured in terms of
alignment. Although the emphasis will be on the role of the syllable
in German(ic), we will also consider data drawn from a number of other
languages. The course assumes some background in phonological theory.
No knowledge of German is presupposed and all readings will be in
English. The course grade will be based on
(a) class participation,
(b) oral presentation of the paper, and
(c) the course paper. The paper need not deal with data specific to

Course materials include a packet containing articles and book
chapters, and instructor-generated handouts.
Please note that G835 is joint listed with LING L712 „Seminar in