Germanic Languages | Beginning Norwegian II
K502 | 5836 | Haaland

MTWF 11:15-12:05
Meets with K150, section 5835

K502 is a second semester language course that continues to develop
skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Norwegian. The
course offers a thematic, communicative approach to language
learning, placing language within the context of culture. Classroom
time focuses on communication, listening, and explanations of
grammatical concepts. Homework is designed to reinforce vocabulary,
reading and writing skills, aural comprehension (CD), and the
understanding of grammar. Thematic units covered in K150 include
such components as family, work, food, leisure, health, government,
and the monarchy. The semester concludes with group projects. The
grade recorded at the end of the semester breaks down as follows:
˚homework assignments (20%)
˚essays (and final project 15%)
˚active class participation (20%)
˚3 tests (25%)
˚final exams, written (comprehensive) and oral (20%).
By the end of the second semester, the students should master the
basic grammar and have command of a vocabulary sufficiently large to
enable them to participate in every–day conversation and to read
intermediate texts without difficulty.

1. Required books
A. Textbook:
Ellingsen, Elisabeth and Kirsti MacDonald. 1999. På vei. Oslo:
B. Workbook:
Ellingsen, Elisabeth and Kirsti MacDonald. 1999. På vei. Oslo:
C. Grammar:
Janus, Louis.1996. Verbs and Essential Grammar. New York, etc:

Recommended books
1. Haugen, Einar. 1965. Norwegian–English Dictionary. Madison,
Wisconsin: Univ. of Wisconsin Press.
2. English–Norwegian glossary for På vei, Ellingsen and MacDonald.