Germanic Languages | Dutch Culture: Modern Netherlands
N350 | 23775 | Ham

N350:  	Dutch Culture: Modern Netherlands (3 cr.)		

Topic:	Anne Frank in perspective.

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and

In the first part of the course, we will look at The Netherlands,
the Dutch and their mentality and culture in particular, the city of
Amsterdam, the Jewish population in the Netherlands, the Holocaust
and the Second World War in general in Europe. Other literature from
the Netherlands about WW2 will be read and briefly discussed also.
The second part of this course will deal with the history of Anne
Frank in The Netherlands, her family, her hiding and arrest, her
famous diary, its popularity, the attacks on its authenticity, the
reception of Anne Frank in the world and the image of Anne Frank in
film. Special attention will be given to the different diary
All literature will be read in English and the course will be
conducted in English. Requirements are summaries of the chapters in
the book and videos, three papers, a group presentation, a midterm,
a final exam, regular class attendance, and participation in class

Required reading:

  The diary of a young girl: the definitive edition, ISBN 0-553-

  H.A. Enzen, Anne Frank. Reflections on her Life and Legacy
Chicago, 2000.