Global Village Living-Learning Center | Exploring Today's France and French Identity: Who are the French, really?
G120 | 25457 | Caroline Fache

This Freshman seminar is a cultural study of Today’s France and
French identity based on films, music, pop culture, readings and
comic Books. No previous background in French is required. The class
will be taught in English.

Who are the French, really? Many think they are snobs — ok, fair
enough! But how do they see themselves? Are the stereotypes of the
French accurate? Everyone seems to have an opinion about the French
but what do the French think of the rest of the world?

One thing is for certain, there is something about the French.
Their relationship with other nations is often complex, as proven by
the sometimes difficult relationship between France and the U.S.
Especially today, we ask ourselves, why do the French make the
political decisions that they do?

This course will examine France from a different point of view and
see what contributed to making France what it is today. WWII for
example, how did it change the French, and how does it still affect
them today? We often hear about anti-Semitism and racism toward the
Muslim population in France. Yet, they defend Human rights.

And there is always the much idealized notion of romance in France?
Where does this come from? This course will explore what is behind
these attitudes and much more?

This course carries Social and Historical (S & H) distribution