Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 6122 | Professor John Slater

HISP-S 331  The Hispanic World I (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent

Subtitle: “The Nature of Texts: Representing the Natural World”

This course introduces students to the study of Latin American
poetry, prose, drama, and film.  Our task will be to develop skills
in critical thinking and textual analysis while we examine how
authors describe their encounters with nature.  Students will be
asked to consider their own experience of nature, environmentalism,
conservation and industrialism in light of such questions as: “Is
human society opposed to or part of nature?  Is nature moral or
savage?  Is it ordered or chaotic?  How does the experience of
nature structure the ways texts are produced and read?”  Our class
discussions will focus on reading comprehension, elements of
literary analysis, and the historical context of literary
production.  Careful reading, attendance and frequent class
participation are required.  All course work—including readings,
essays, discussion, and exams—is in Spanish.

S331 #6122 11:15A-12:05P  MWF Room=TBA   Professor John Slater
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