Spanish and Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 6129 | Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

HISP-S 411 Spain: The Cultural Context   (3 credits)       CULTURE
Prerequisite: S275 or equivalent for those students who matriculated
prior to Fall 2001.
S331 or equivalent for those students who matriculated Fall 2001 or

The focus of this class will be on Spanish culture and society
today.  We'll start with a brief introduction to Spanish recent
history paying particular attention to political, social, ethno-
linguistic, and economic factors.  Then, taking as a point of
departure the end of the Franco dictatorship and the Spanish
transition to democracy, the core of the course will be dedicated to
explore different issues that have helped shape the cultural and
social landscape of Spain today.  The topics that will be discussed
include memory, nationalism and transnationalization, inmigration,
religion, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and terrorism.
Although we will be working with a variety of materials, which may
include newspapers, essays, music, web pages, architecture, art, and
comics, film will be a central component of the class, as we
establish a dialog between the movies of some of the most renown
Spanish filmmakers and the cultural context in which they were
produced.  Some of the directors we will study include Pedro
Almodóvar (Talk To Her, Bad Education), Alejandro Amenábar (Open
Your Eyes, The Others), Benito Zambrano (Solas), Julio Medem (La
pelota vasca), and Iciar Boyain (Flores de otro mundo).   This class
will be entirely conducted in Spanish.  Active participation
required.  Assignments may include: two exams, several short
analytical papers, and a final project on a topic to be decided by
the student in consultation with the professor.

This course carries Culture Studies credit and is highly recommended
for students who plan to go on the Overseas Studies Madrid Academic
Year program.

S411  #6129    1:25P-2:15P  MW     Professor Alejandro Mejías-López
Film Showing   6:00P-8:30P   T
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