Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Phonetics
S425 | 6132 | Professor Kimberly Geeslin

HISP-S 425  Spanish Phonetics  (3 credits)            LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent for those students who
matriculated prior to Summer 2003.
S326 for those students who matriculated Summer 2003 or after.

The field of phonology and phonetics has as its primary goal the
description of the sounds produced in the world’s languages.
Students enrolled in this course will develop the necessary
vocabulary and theoretical knowledge to describe the sound system of
Spanish, and to contrast it with English.  Although this course
requires knowledge of theoretical aspects of phonology and
phonetics, there are two important applications that make this
course especially practical.  First, the ability to describe the
sound system of Spanish in technical terms will enable students to
analyze their own pronunciation and to use such knowledge to
increase their awareness of standard pronunciation.  Students
interested in teaching Spanish in the future will gain insight into
the problems faced by English-speaking learners of Spanish.  Second,
students will work with recorded speech from speakers of several
varieties of Spanish, thereby gaining experience with a broad group
of native-speakers and improving their own perceptive skills.

Required Text: Teschner, R.  (1996).  Camino Oral: Fonética,
fonología y práctica de los sonidos del español.  New York: McGraw-
Hill.  (This textbook comes with a required cassette tape.)

Course Requirements: Daily preparation, including textbook readings
and homework assignments, and active class participation are
essential for success in this course.  In addition to periodic
graded homework assignments, students will complete three short
exams and a final project.  This project will be presented in a
conference-style workshop at the end of the semester.

S425 #6132  1:00P-2:15P TR    Professor Kimberly Geeslin
Rooms not determined yet.  Check on-line in Onestart.

Note:  This course meets jointly with HISP-S 498, Readings for
Honors, class #6139.