Spanish and Portuguese | Women and Hispanic Literature
S470 | 24035 | Professor Olga Impey

HISP-S 470  Women and Hispanic Literature  (3 credits)  LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 & S332 or equivalent

This course will explore images and gender roles of Hispanic women
in literary works from the Middle Ages to modern times. Special
attention will be given to the following questions: the imprint of
socio-historical contexts on the portrayal and self-representation
of women; male and female imagination, mysticism, fantasy and
sexuality; acceptance of social conventions, transgression and
defiance; the topography of the unconscious and feminist
consciousness; the power of female voice and writings, etc.

Readings include selected poetry by Juan Rodríguez del Padrón,
Florencia Pinar, Gracilaso de la Vega, Santa Teresa de Jesús, and
Alfonsina Storni; short stories by Don Juan Manuel, Juan Valera and
Isabel Allende; a sentimental narrative; two novels by Miguel
Delibes and García Márquez, and essays by Carmen Martín Gaite.

Critical and theoretical material will be drawn from studies by Luce
Irigaray, Judith Butler, Abigail Bray, Elizabeth Grosz, Iris Zavala,

The course will be conducted in Spanish. Students will be evaluated
on the basis of class participation, two 5-page essays, a summary of
a critical article, an oral presentation and a written examination.

S470    #24035     2:30P-3:45P     TR       Professor Olga Impey
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