Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Literature & Literary Theory
S473 | 24031 | Professor Patrick Dove

HISP-S 473  Hispanic Literature & Literary Theory
(3 credits)                                        LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

In this course we will look at a variety of theoretical approaches
to reading literature, and will acquire hands-on experience in
applying these critical models to Spanish-language literary texts.
Readings and discussions will alternate between short critical
essays (structuralism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, feminism,
marxism, postcolonial studies, and cultural studies) and literary
works (short story, novel, drama, poem). Evaluation based on class
participation, occasional quizzes, short written assignments, and
final paper. Class discussion, written assignments and literary
texts will all be in Spanish. Critical texts will for the most part
be in English.

S473 #24031  9:30A-10:45A   TR        Professor Patrick Dove
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