Spanish and Portuguese | Theory and Criticism
S512 | 24027 | S. Wagschal

Professor Steven Wagschal

S512	Theory and Criticism

MW 9:30am  10:45am/class# 24027/3cr./Location TBA

This course provides an introduction to the major trends of 20th-
century literary theory and critical theory, from Russian Formalism
to poststructuralism and beyond.

Class meetings will focus on the discussion of a series of texts
representative of the theoretical trends examined. In this seminar-
style course, students will be expected to read all materials before
class and with great care, to contribute to class discussions, and
to keep a journal based on their considered reflections and critical
reactions to the readings and class meetings. In addition to the
written journal, students will write an essay in which they analyze
a text using the framework provided by one of the theories studied
in the course; there will also be two exams.

The final grade will be the result of the following:

I.	Participation (20%)

II. 	Written work (40%)
		reading journal (15%)
		written essay (25%)

III. 	Exams (40%)
		midterm exam (20%)
		final exam (20%)

The course will be conducted in Spanish, except for the readings,
most of which will be in English.