Spanish and Portuguese | Graduate Colloquium
S695 | 24023 | C. Good

Professor Carl Good

S695	Graduate Colloquium
Topic: Breaks in the Voice

R 6:00pm – 8:30pm/class# 24023/3cr./Location TBA

In this course we will examine Latin American poetry written during
the first three decades of the 20th century, with a principal focus
on Darío, Martí, Lugones, Agustini, Vallejo, Borges, Huidobro and
Villaurrutia.  Our main concern will be the status of the voice in
these poets’ work: who speaks?  Is the voice rhetorically present,
or is it absent, fictionalized, ghostly or fragmented?  How does
rhythm and the interruption of rhythm by free verse relate to
questions of voicing?  Our preoccupations will vary depending on the
poetic context in question, and our reading will also necessarily
confront a variety of problems of history, ideology and concept as
we move from poet to poet. We will try to stay as (uncomfortably)
close to the poetic texts as possible, which means we will also be
confronted by urban landscapes, libidinal infancy, optical space,
aesthetico-political disputes, gender difference, transnationalism
and translation, etc.  In addition to poetry, we will also read a
number of critical texts, including studies of poetic form and free
verse (Henríquez Ureña, Beyers, Perloff); theories of Latin American
modernism (Alonso, Ramos), theories of the lyric (Bakhtin, Rajan, de
Man, Culler); conceptualizations of rhythm (Asensi, Kristeva,
Abraham) and comparatist studies of the relation between poetries of
different national languages (Santí, Paz, Mallarmé).