Spanish and Portuguese | Seminar: Second Language Acquisition
S716 | 24020 | J. Lee

Professor James Lee

S716	Seminar: Second Language Acquisition
	Input Processing - Topic: Research Design and the
Statistical Analysis in Spanish Language Acquisition Research

MW 1:00pm – 2:15pm/class# 24020/3cr./Location TBA

We examine input processing by examining the processes and products
of both incidental and instructed second language acquisition.  By
incidental acquisition I refer to making form-meaning connections as
an unintended byproduct of a separate processing task.  By
instructed acquisition I refer, specifically, to Processing

Students will be required to prepare 4 review essays. We will design
and execute related investigations on a particular linguistic
phenomenon for both incidental and instructed acquisitional

Required Texts

1.	Farley, A. 2004.  Structured Input. New York: McGraw-Hill
2.	VanPatten, B. 1996.  Grammar Instruction and Input
Processing.  Norwood, NJ:  Ablex.
3.	VanPatten B. (ed.) 2004.  Processing Instruction: Theory,
Research and Commentary.  Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.
4.	assigned readings

Sanz:  Video narration.

Hacer causative.

Subjunctive.  I don’t care for Farley but what do I want?

E prime processing time.  +adverb and –adverb sentences.

Future tense.

This course requires authorization by the Graduate Studies Office.
Please contact the GSO at 812-855-9194.