History | Images of Labor Through Film
A200 | 26051 | Ashby

Above section meets Jan. 24-April 18
Above section meets with LSTU L296/L396

The class will feature the viewing and discussion of labor-oriented
films and documentaries, including: Matewan; Salt of the Earth;
Norma Rae; The Killing Floor; American Dream; Grapes of Wrath; and
Fight in the Fields. Drawing upon a labor history text and an
extensive print and web Reader, we will analyze the issues raised in
the films from the perspective of 20th century American labor
history; discuss issues raised in the films including those of
working conditions, race, gender, union goals, and labor-management
relations; compare and contrast the films; and analyze the accuracy
of the film’s depiction of workers and unions. To allow time to view
and discuss each film the course meets for 3 1/2 hours; the course
runs 12 weeks.