History | Eastern Europe Under Communism: From the Iron Curtain to the Velvet Revolution
D330 | 6189 | Bucur-Deckard

Above section carries culture studies credit
A portion of the above section reserved for majors
Above section open to undergraduates only
Above section meets with REEI-R 500

The Communist experiment failed in Eastern Europe.  But the history
of this experiment had a lasting impact on our contemporary world.
This course will take you through a journey that will uncover the
origins of communism in Eastern Europe, the early period of brutal
take-over and Stalinization, and the attempts to reform communism in
this area.  The fall of communism and the ensuing battles for
privatization, democratization, and the Wars in Yugoslavia will
constitute the last part of this course.  We will look at both the
political institutions that shaped communist and post-communist
eastern Europe, as well as the important social and cultural
developments that took place during this period.  We will read R.J.
Crampton, Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After, Gale
Stokes, From Stalinism to Pluralism: A Documentary History of
Eastern Europe Since 1945 (selections), Milan Kundera, The Joke, and
Tsvetan Todorov, Voices from the Gulag.

Requirements include a midterm (15%) and final examination (25%), 1
paper (15 %), and in-class participation (45%).