History | Russia's Orient 1552-1924
H640 | 26752 | Lazzerini

Above course meets with CEUS-U 520

This course for graduate students examines the relationship between
Russia (late Muscovite and imperial) and the Turkic peoples
inhabiting the northern littoral of the Black Sea, the Caucasus and
Transcaucasus, the Volga-Ural region, as well as nomadic and
sedentary Central and Inner Asia. Russian expansion and its goals,
Russian literary, and scientific efforts to situate the “oriental”
Other within the evolving Empire, the complexities of imperial
management (juridical, economic, and political), and the competing
attractions to indigenous populations of resistance and
accommodation, will be some of the major themes pursued.
Requirements for each student include extensive readings, a major
semester project, mid-semester and final examinations, as well as
two brief presentations to the class on issues of controversy.