History | Colloquium: Children and the Law
H650 | 6326 | Grossberg

Above section meets with LAW L766

The course will be a joint history department- law school seminar
designed to examine the legal construction of childhood from the
late nineteenth century to the present.  The examination will take
two primary forms.  First, a series of books and articles will be
used to explore the changing legal context of childhood during these
years.  Topics to be discussed include child custody, tort, juvenile
delinquency, disability, child abuse, and civic rights.  These
topics will be examined chronologically as well as in terms of other
relevant variables such as race, gender, class, and region.  Second,
each student will develop a research project that investigates some
aspect of children and the law during the period under study.  The
projects will supplement the collective work of the seminar by
allowing each student to examine in greater detail a topic of her or
his choice.  Together the collective and individual activities of
the seminar will acquaint students with the central developments and
recurring issues in this body of law over the last century.