History | Colloquium: Historiography-Modern Middle East
H685 | 26045 | Grehan

Above section open to graduates only
Above section meets with NELC-N 695

This graduate seminar will examine basic ideas and debates in the
writing of modern Middle Eastern history.  Our readings will span
the history of the region since the eighteenth century, taking us
from the Ottoman Empire and Qajar Iran to their successor states in
the twentieth-century Middle East.  Among the topics that we will
cover are:  the question of "Ottoman decline";  the "politics of
notables";  the significance of the Tanzimat reforms;  politics and
religion in the Ottoman Empire and Qajar Iran;  the roots of
sectarian violence;  the origins of Arab nationalism;  the rise of
Middle Eastern feminist movements;  the nature of colonial rule;
Turkish modernity and its discontents;  the military revolutions of
the mid-20th century;  and the rise of Islamist politics.