History | Gender and Sexuality in African History
H695 | 25011 | Moorman

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This reading centered course will explore the theoretical and
methodological issues involved in the study of gender and sexuality
in African history.  Recent decades have seen an explosion in the
Africanist literature focused on questions of gender and sexuality.
We will consider work produced both within and from outside the
continent.  The bulk of our readings will be drawn from Africanist
scholars who work on women’s life histories, marriage,
masculinities, women and colonialism, and transgenderism.  However,
we will also look at works which shape the larger field of the study
of gender and sexuality, including studies of empire/colonialism and
more strictly theoretical work.  The course will put these different
literatures into conversation with one another.  In what ways do
these latter works draw on African histories and speak to the work
of Africanist scholars?  How might they be critiqued and re-made
from the vantage point of African history and studies of gender and
sexuality in Africa?  What can historians of Africa, and elsewhere,
learn from feminist theory and studies of empire?  Course work will
include several short writing assignments and drafting discussion