History | Issues in World History Since 1500
H699 | 25013 | Riley

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Some students will find that employers expect them to teach survey
courses in world history.  Much of the preparation that we offer at
IU in this field deals with comparatively specific matters.  My last
H699 dealt with population issues in the twentieth century.
Students in that class suggested that a broader course would be more
helpful: hence this offering of ‘Issues in World History since 1500.’

My assumption is that everyone will come to this course with their
own needs and interests.  The main objective therefore is to create
an opportunity to read widely around the themes and topics on which
each student hopes to teach the world history survey.  I add the
provision that these readings must deal with countries on at least
two of the main populated continents (excluding Australia, that is),
and that the treatment must be explicitly comparative among those

Requirements: Weekly readings and discussion, in which each student
will propose and defend the course he/she wants to plan, make
presentations about leading themes and issues in it, and discuss
readings most useful for preparing the course and readings and other
course materials most useful for assignment to students in an
introductory course.  Some readings and course materials will be
assigned to other members of the class to be critiqued.  A final
paper will elaborate the themes and issues of this course.