History | Seminar: An Introduction to Multidisciplinary Research Perspectives
H765 | 26046 | Gould

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Above section meets with CULS-C 701 and LTAM-L 501

The primary goals of this class are to familiarize students with
multi-disciplinary research perspectives in Latin American studies
and to produce research papers that deal with modern Latin American
history or other contemporary themes.  CLACS-affiliated professors
will offer seminars on their specializations, including linguistic
anthropology, social movement theory, environmental studies, oral
history, and literature. These seminars will expose students to
perspectives that will enhance their own research.   The bulk of the
course will be devoted to individual research projects aided by
periodic one on one work sessions with the professor.  The results
of the research will be shared with the class.  The principal
objective of the class is to help the student in preparing a final
paper of publishable quality.  Prior to the start of class, it is
important for students to consult with the professor about their
research topics.