History | Chivalry and Courtliness
J300 | 6342 | Shopkow

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Did medieval knights really fight for the honor of their ladies,
wearing their beloved's tokens on their helms? Did they really
strive to act with honor on and off the battlefield? Did medieval
women, acting upon their own corresponding code of conduct, honor
the bravest men with their love? Medieval people themselves wrote
stories about all these things and developed the code of ethics they
and we call chivalry, but did they act on these moral teachings? In
this course we will strive to answer this question, which has
application to a larger human issue, how the moral and ethical
beliefs of human beings are connected to their behavior.

During the semester, you will research and discuss these questions
in a discussion-based class.  You will write a series of short
essays on readings you will be assigned in class and on things you
have read while researching a question relating to chivalry that you
find particularly interesting. These assignments will help you put
together a research paper which you will present to the class.