History | Globalization
W200 | 24921 | Riley

Above section COAS intensive writing section

This course features interesting readings on important topics, and
the opportunity to discuss issues critically and in some detail.
Globalization as a topic may be most familiar for its effects in
trade, but that is only one of its aspects.

Among the issues we will consider are these:
·	the coming shortage of fresh water
·	oil and the Dutch disease (why aren’t oil-rich states
·	why are some countries rich and others desperately poor?
·	does global capitalism threaten democracy?
·	the changing appreciation of the US in other countries,
especially rising anti-Americanism
·	who gains and who loses from globalization in trade?
·	will world population growth continue, and if so how will
the additional people be fed?
·	terrorism and other peaceful and violent transnational
movements aiming at political change
All of these topics have historical antecedents, which we’ll explore
while also examining the present-day status of the issue and its
future prospects.

This course has three goals.  The first is to learn about the
historical background of globalization in its many varieties, and
the future directions suggested by past experience.  The second is
to learn to write more effectively.  And the third is to learn to
interpret, argue, analyze, and summarize more effectively.  This is
an intensive writing course.  Grades based on papers and class