Honors | Literary Classics - Popular Culture (COAS)
E103 | 23971 | Vivian Halloran

For an Honor's section of the course COAS E103 Literary Classics -
Popular Culture with the topic: Beauty and the Beast, I will require
honors students to start work on their final project from the
beginning. I will introduce them to proper research methods and
sources by taking them on a tour of the library resources and guide
them through a step by step process of preparing a project proposal,
compiling an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary
sources, and finally showcasing their work by presenting it publicly
either in the context of a one-day (or one afternoon, as the case
may be) symposium or an exhibition of their work before class
(depending on the medium chosen for their project, this may take the
form of creating a web-link to the project on the main Oncourse
page, or a public showing or performance of any visual or musical
medium). This section would be designed to teach sound research
methodology, a firm grounding in the skills of close reading various
kinds of texts (visual, written, musical or electronic), as well as
to encourage individual creativity and intellectual exploration.