Honors | Dangerous Books: Books Which Have Been Banned in America
H203 | 6370 | Paul Gutjahr

"Dangerous Books: Books Which Have Been Banned in America"
The American Colonies, and then the United States, has had a long
history of banning certain books. Such banning reaches into a core
American belief that literacy is a powerful tool and that reading is
a key agent in forming, framing and fragmenting a society. This
course will look at the topic of banned books in America from a
number of distinct, yet interrelated, angles of investigation.
Ultimately, this course will focus on the following question: What
might the process of banning books in the United States tell us
about certain key shifts in our countryís core belief in an
individualís right to pursue "life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness"? The books in this course will probably span three
centuries and students should be prepared to do a large about of
reading. This will be a difficult and demanding course. There will
be three papers of various lengths, a group teaching assignment, and
frequent reading quizzes.