Honors | How Law Matters
H204 | 26238 | Stephen Conrad

Stephen A. Conrad

This is not a survey course, but a topics course that samples a
variety of historical scholarship.  The readings focus,
respectively, on a variety of historical periods and a variety of
substantive topics and fields of law.  Law as a value in and of
itself, law as ideology, law as an instrument of policy-- throughout
American history law has mattered in these and other ways.  This
course is a colloquium, with great emphasis on classroom discussion
of typically rather short but conceptually challenging reading
assignments.  The routine writing assignments are also to write
notably short essays, but on questions about the sophisticated
strategies of argumentation variously more or less evident in the
reading assignments.  Indeed, much of the course might be said to be
about how historians use history to make arguments about how law
itself changes and about how law changes society.