Honors | Reporting, Writing & Editing I (JOUR)
J200 | 7281 | Owen Johnson

This course is designed to introduce students to news writing and
reporting - skills vital to success in most areas of journalism and
mass communication. The overriding objectives of the course are the
development of a clear, concise writing style; a dedication to
thorough, accurate reporting; and a sensitivity to various audiences'
needs and interests.

In this course students will learn the standard practices of writing
for the print and broadcast media. They will learn to develop story
ideas and to use many of the basic information - gathering strategies
used by journalists: interviewing, note-taking, observation and
research. They will also discuss ways to combine visual elements with
the written word to present news effectively.

Through reading and discussion, members of the class will evaluate
how the media gather and present the news, considering not only how
they perform but also how they might improve their performance.