Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Coastal Kayaking
R110 | 23435 | Dave Calvin

Class Time:  April 12, 7:00-10:00p.m. in IMU Charter Room
(Attendance at class is required to attend travel dates)

Travel Dates:  April 15-17

Location:  Lake Monroe, Hoosier National Forest, IN

Description:  This course is designed to provide the students with an
overview of the skills and knowledge necessary for safe paddling on
inland protected waters.  Basic maneuvering strokes, wet exits,
assisted and unassisted rescues, kayak euipment, and safety planning
are just a few of the topics covered.  Course content is based on the
American Canoe Association's 16-hour Fundamentals of Coastal Kayaking

Books:  Sea Kayakers Pocket Guide, by Johnson

Assignments:  Readings and reflecitve paper

Evaluation:  30% skill demonstration, 20% expedition behavior, 30%
written examination, 20% three page paper.

Additional Fee:  The additional fee for the class is $150, which
includes transportation, food, and group gear.