Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Cross Country Skiing
R110 | 23436 | Dave Calvin

Class Time:  January 24, 7:00-10:00p.m. in the IMU Redbud Tree Suite.
(Attendance at class is required to attend travel dates.)

Travel Dates:  January 28-30

Location:  Manistee National Forest, Michigan

Description:  This course is designed to introduce the basic skills
needed for cross country skiing and winter backcountry travel.  The
R110 Cross Country Skiing course introduces students to flat-track
techniques then progresses to uphill and downhill techniques.

Books:  The Essential Cross-Country Skier, A Step-by-Step Guide, by
Pual Peterson and Richard Lovett

Assignments:  Readings, short presentations, and a written exam

Evaluation:  30% skill demonstration, 20% expedition behavior, 30%
written examination, 20% three page paper.

Additional Fee:  The additional fee for the class is $150, which
includes transportation, food, and lodging.