Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Ice Climbing
R110 | 23439 | D.Calvin

Class Time:  January 24 and 31, 6:00-10:00pm in the IMU Hoosier Room
(Attendance at both classes is required to attend travel classes)

Travel Dates:  February 4-6

Description:  This class will introduce students to the basics of
waterfall ice climbing in a tope rop situation.  Topics covered will
include safety, gear selection, movement on ice, and perfecting tool
and crampon placements.  R110 Ice Climbing is a highly experiential
course where you must actively participate to learn the ice climbing
and belaying skills.

Books:  How to Ice Climb, by Luebben and Long

Assignments:  Readings and reflective paper.

Evaluation:  30% skill demonstration, 20% expedition behavior, 30%
written examination, 20% three page paper.

Additional Fee:  The additional fee for the class is $150, which
includes transporation, food, ice climbing gear and lodging