Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Foundaions of Recreation and Leisure
R160 | 7018 | Craig Ross

This 3 credit hour course offers an introduction to leisure as a
significant force in the quality of contemporary life.  You can
expect to better appreciate the importance of leisure to individuals,
groups, nations, and cultures by studying leisure's social,
psychological, historical, philosophical, anthropological, and
economic foundations.  The course helps students from all majors
understand and analyze their own leisure life and serves as a pre-
requisite course for students choosing a major in the Department of
Recreation and Park Administration (recreational sport management,
therapeutic recreation, outdoor recreation and resource management,
tourism management, and park and recreation management).

Required  Book List:

Pastimes:  The Context of Contemporary Leisure, 2002 by R.V. Russell

Summary of Assignments:

Project Reports:

Four projects with written reports will be presented at different
times during the class.  These require a variety of tasks that
include an application of the topics covered in the course lectures.
Special handouts with instructions will be posted on the web for each

Class Discussion/Case Studies.  Throughout the semester, we will be
working with a particular case study from the textbook.  In
preparation for this, you are to read the case study and be prepared
to actively participate in class discussion and debate.

Exams:  There will be three exams and a final exam.