Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Careers in Leisure Services
R231 | 7019 | Craig Ross

This three credit hour course is designed ot familiarize students
with the overall range of agenicies providing recreation and park
facilities and programs.  It's chief purpose as an introductory
course is to help students gain specific information about recreation
and leisure services as a career field, to assist them in their
college study, and as a beginning step in personal career development
and the job search process.

Required book list:

Introduction to Leisure Services:  Career Perspectives by Kraus,
Barber and Shapiro, 2001, Sagamor Publishing

Creative Job Search, 2004 by Minnesota Department of Economic Security

Summary of Assignments:

In-class activities:  The course places a significant amount of
emphasis on active involvement in class with the material.  Numerous
in-class activities will be conducted throughout the semester at
random times.

Assignments:  There will be several practical assignments that will
help students prepare for the job search process.  Among them are:
developing both a traditional and electronic resume; conducting an
information interview with a practitiner in the field, writing five
cover letters for the following:  an ad-response cover letter, an
online cover-call cover letter, a networking letter, and a follow-up
letter; conducting a mock interview; and developing a web portfolio.

Exams:  There will be three exams and a final exam.