Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Management of Leisure Services
R466 | 7070 | Sarah Young

Class Times:  10:10-11:00a.m. MWF

Description of Course Content:  The course is designed to euip
students with basic knowledge and abilities necessary to administer a
public, not-for-profit, or commercial leisure service agency, or
division of an agency.

Required Book List:
Bannon, J.J. (1999) 911 Management of comprehensive guide for leisure
service managers.  Champaign, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:

Exams:  There will be a total of three objective and short answer
exams given during the semester.

Case Studies:  Real-life situations will be presented corresponging
with the topics of discussion in class.  The purpose is to apply
course tools, concepts and analysis to develop a response to each
case situation.

Manager Interview:  Each student will be required to identify and
interview a person who works in a management position within the RLS

Board meeting Report:  Each student will be required to attend a
public board and summarize the topics and group dynamics in a brief

Management Issues Presentation:  Students will work alone or in
groups to research and present a management issue to class.