School of Informatics | Topics in Informatics
I400 | 26322 | Vespignani/Flammini

P: At least junior standing or permission of instructor.  Variable
topic.  Emphasis is on new developments and research in informatics.
Can be repeated twice for credit when topics vary, subject to
approval of the dean.

Topic : The Simplicity of Complexity
P: Math M118, INFO I201

This course is intended for those keen to learn how to think
differently about complex realities, finding ways to understand
their complexity and addressing the problems they pose. Complexity
is inherent to a conspicuous number of real world structures,
ranging from the living cell to the Internet.  While each of these
systems is apparently extremely diverse in nature, by the end of the
course the student will be able to grasp the "unifying picture"
beyond the foggy curtain of peculiarities that individual complex
systems may display. The course will revolve around some cardinal
topics including celluar automata, self similarity, emergence,
evolution and network theory, each one introduced by specific
examples and abstracted thereby.
The various topics will provide the students of a proper conceptual
mindset and a toolbox, both theoretical and computational that will
help to better describe, model and understand complex systems.

Above section meets with INFO I590