School of Informatics | Topics in Informatics
I590 | 26392 | D. Wild

Topic: Programming for Chemical Informatics
This section is open to graduate students only.
P:Basic understanding of chemistry and familiar with C, C++, Perl
and Java programming languages.

Emphasis is on new developments and research in informatics.
Can be repeated twice for credit when topics vary, subject to
approval of the dean.

The class is designed to give students a thorough understanding of
all aspects of software development for chemical informatics, as
well as a broader experience of working in a small scientific
computing group.  Topics include programming for the web, drawing
and depiction of chemical structures in 2D and 3D, chemical
informatics toolkits, software APIs, artificial intelligence and
machine-learning algorithm development, high performance computing,
database management, managing a small software development group,
and design and usability of chemoinformatics software.  Special
lectures will also be given by invited guests from the chemical
informatics software industry. The coursework will involve
collaborative development of a chemcial informatics software system.