School of Informatics | Topics in Informatics
I590 | 26802 | P. Ortoleva

Topic: Information Theory in Pure and Applied Science
P: Calculus (Math M211 and M212)
This section is open to graduate students only.

Emphasis is on new developments and research in informatics.
Can be repeated twice for credit when topics vary, subject to
approval of the dean.

A complex system is usually only understood with uncertainty and
available data is incomplete and error-prone.  Rather than viewing
this as a barrier to progress, information theory allows us to cast
these problems in terms of entropy and probability.  Thus pure and
applied science is formulated in terms of questions such as what is
most probably the state of the system and what is the associated
uncertainty.  Students will gain a working knowledge of the notions
and applications of information theory.  The syllabus will be
adjusted to the interests of the enrolled students.