Collins Living-Learning Center | Dance in the African Diaspora
L210 | 7648 | Iris Rosa

This course is designed to expose and acquaint students to dances in the
African American and African Diaspora traditions, history, culture and body
movements of African derived dances primarily from Cuba and Puerto Rico
and America through classroom lectures, discussions, videos, readings and
movement sessions.  One session per week will include lectures, readings
and videos.  The other session per week will engage students in movement
sessions.  At the end of the semester all students will participate in a
structured performance at a selected venue where they will exhibit their
talents with set choreography that will include movement from selected
dances learned during the semester.  Dances include but are not limited to
Rumba, Palo, Bailes Orisha (selected), Bomba and selected contemporary
social dances derived from the African American popular culture.  No prior
dance experience is required; however, students should come with an open
mind and ready to learn some music accompaniment.