Collins Living-Learning Center | Biology of Human Disease
L230 | 23155 | Arthur Koch

This course is about human genetics and human diseases. The current
advances will be emphasized, but it is a course to get you thinking, and is
aimed at exposing non-biology majors to the biology of human diseases.
Toward this goal each student will choose a disease and learn about it
throughout the semester. He or she will write abstracts, give a talk to the
whole class, and, in other ways, write and talk about it. As science
progresses, disciplines get more complex, but then they simplify as
knowledge becomes unified. For this reason, knowledge of the genetics of the
human condition is currently easier to understand than it has been. Because
of this, from the textbook, lectures during the first half of the course, and
especially from your classmates, you will acquire a grasp that hopefully will
be permanently useful to you.