Collins Living-Learning Center | The Politics of Knowledge
L320 | 7655 | Doyle Stevick

Most of our lives have been spent in school. But why did we learn what we
did? What we learned was no accident. Knowledge is not neutral. What are
the forces that shape what we learn? Education is more than just schooling.
We learn from the media, from people we trust, and from our experiences.
These sources have profound limitations. Everything we know could be
wrong. This course takes a big-picture view of what we know and what
shapes it. From media bias and textbook censorship to the role of language
and the functioning of memory, from communication breakdowns to the
manipulations of advertising and political rhetoric, we should understand the
real limits of our knowledge. Who profits by our ignorance? Who is harmed?
What should education look like given what we know about knowledge? The
global and micro-influences on knowledge have implications for what schools
should look like, if there should be schools at all.