Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Poetry and Society: The Arabic Ode
N305 | 25154 | Stetkevych, S

Poetry and Society: The Arabic Ode explores selected Arabic odes in
English translation from the pre-Islamic to Modern periods in light of
their role in the societies that produced them. Unit I treats
pre-Islamic poetry of the Arabian warrior aristocracy in terms of
loyalty and treachery, blood-vengeance, and gendered ritual
obligations. Unit II turns to the poetry of the Golden Ages of Islamic
hegemony to explore the relations of poetry to political power and the
poem as a means to express both allegiance and sedition. Part III
examines the transition of Arabic poetry classical to (post)colonial
through examining the anti-imperialist discourses of Arabic
neo-classical and free-verse poetry of the 20th century. All assigned
readings are in English.

[Students interested in supplementing N305/N701 with reading Arabic
texts of selected poems may sign up for 1 credit of N393 Indiv.
Readings (undergrad) or 1 credit of N590 (grad)]

Requirements and Grading: Attendance and Participation: 40%.
Undergraduates: three 6-7-page essays, 20% each; graduate students:
three 10-page papers, 20% each.

Prerequisites: None