Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | The Modern Middle East
N305 | 25482 | Grehan, J

This is an undergraduate survey of the social, political, and economic
history of the Middle East since the eighteenth century. We will focus
our attention on the broad swath of territory covering contemporary
Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and the states of the Fertile Crescent and
Arabian Peninsula. The entire region has experienced profound
transformation and upheaval in modern times, and our main objective
will be to understand the formation of its many different societies as
we know them today. Among the themes that we will examine are: the
challenge of European imperialism and the Middle Eastern response to
it; the creation of the modern system of states after the First World
War; the legacy of colonial rule; movements for independence and the
post-colonial order after the Second World War; the influence of
Western ideas such as liberalism, secularism, nationalism, and
socialism; the place of women in Middle Eastern societies; the rise of
Islamist political movements; the Arab-Israeli conflict; and the
political and economic consequences of oil wealth. No previous course
work on the Middle East is required.