Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Arabic Grammar
N312 | 25480 | Al-Ani, S

This course presents a systematic treatment in Arabic and English of
the principal features of Arabic grammar. The technical Arabic terms
and the concepts associated with them will be introduced, analyzed and
illustrated. This course will also focus on grammatical analysis of
the two dominant sentence types (verbal and nominal) as well as on
other grammatical features and categories. Students will be required
to submit five one page reports on an aspect of Arabic grammar.
Additionally, five pages term paper is required of undergraduate
students, ten pages for graduate students. A midterm and final
examination will also be given.

Required Textbooks:
1. Packet Contains Articles in English on Various Aspects on Arabic
2. Mulakhkhas Qawa'd al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah By Fuad Ne'meh.