Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Qur'anic Arabic II
N552 | 9281 | Istrabadi, Z

A continuation of N181 Qur'anic Arabic I

An intensive introduction to Classical Arabic with an emphasis on the
Qur’anic text and related Arab-Islamic source materials, such as
Qur’anic commentary, the biography of the Prophet (Sirah), and the
Traditions of the Prophet (Hadith). It aims to provide students in
classical and medieval Islamic fields with the ability to accurately
read and translate classical texts through a foundation in syntax and
morphology. The course is intended for committed undergraduates who
are prepared to undertake a rigorous fast-paced classical language
course and for graduate students who want to master reading skills in
Arabic for research in classical Arabic texts. The course is
particularly suited to NELC graduate students beginning Arabic, and
for graduate students in other Islamic of Middle Eastern languages and
cultures (Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Swahili), and graduate
students in the humanities (history, medieval studies, philosophy,
history of religions).

Prerequisites: None