Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Multimedia Arabic
N555 | 25478 | Al-Ani, S

This course is intended to provide training in the idiom of modern
literary Arabic as found in printed and non-printed media Arabic. The
textbook, Readers in International Affairs-Advanced Arabic, will
enable students to read Arabic newspapers with accuracy. Materials
will be selected from leading newspapers and magazines from the Arab
World. Selections of videotapes, television newscasts, documentaries,
and a variety of current political, educational and cultural topics
will be made available. Also selections from the Arabic DISH Network,
which runs on several channels, will be video taped and utilized. This
program contains materials from several Arab countries. There is a
vast array of web sites on the Internet that pertains to Arabic and
other related topics that students will find of interest, such as
several varieties of Arabic newspapers and Arabic radio broadcasts.